Apron with Magnet and Bottle Opener - Gray

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🔪 [COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH] You can use it for Grills, BBQ, Parties and many other occasions. You'll look confident and feel great, while your apron keep your clothes clean and your tools organized. Easy to put on and off, you can receive your guests and do your tasks at the same time.

🔪 [VERSATILE AND DURABLE] Can be used for grill, barbecue, in the kitchen, in restaurants, for butchers, baristas, both men and women. The resistant material, the double stitched pockets, and the magnetic tool holders are builded to last through daily use.

🔪 [KEEP YOUR TOOLS AT HAND] With spacious pockets and the magnetic holders conveniently distributed, your cook and grill experience will be great, no matter your size, if you are a man or a woman, you can handle everything with ease and comfort.

🔪 [PROFESSIONAL DESIGN] The cross back straps prevent neck or back pain, the pockets and magnets distribute the weight of the tools over your body. Good size for efficiently covering your clothes, it will assure your clothes remain clean for the rest of the party.

🔪 [SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] Breathable and soft Cotton, convenient pockets, a practical cooking towel, magnetic holders that won't rip or break and keep your utensils handy, a nice color and useful size. A great choice for personal or commercial uses and a great gift for a friend who like cooking.

Apron for BBQ, Grill, Chef, Hobby and Work, Cross-Back, Quick-Release, with Magnetic BBQ Grill Tool Holders. 10 oz. Cotton. Apron for Men and Women

☁️ Keep your clothes clean while grilling or cooking with comfort and style.

✌️ Designed to prevent back or neck pain, for commercial or professional purposes.

🍳 Magnetic holders conveniently distributed for an optimal cooking experience .

👕 Covers all your clothes, for men and women any size. Practical and beautiful.

💦 Breathable and soft 10 oz cotton, easily cleaned and washable.

👉 Double stitched pockets and resistant magnetic holders, made to last.

🍖 Suitable for a chef, a barista, a butcher, in restaurants, grill bars, picnics, cooking helpers. Also a great gift for a friend who likes to cook.


✔️ Delantal para barbacoas. Útil en casa, en restaurantes, cafeterías y toda clase de ocasiones. Broches magnéticos para utensilios.

✔️ Tiene Tirantes cruzados en la espalda para mayor comodidad y mejor agarre.

✔️ Puede ser usado por chefs, carniceros, meseros, en casa y en el trabajo. Para hombres y mujeres por igual.

✔️ Tela de algodón fresca y resistente, bolsillos con doble costura, broches magnéticos para utensilios.

✔️ Tamaño ideal para proteger tu ropa de grasa y derrames, fácil de poner y quitar para cuando quieras saludar a los invitados.

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