Digital Thermometer and Grilling Glove

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  • 👉 [FAST AND PRECISE TEMPERATURE READING] Featuring an ultra-fast response between 3 - 4 s and a great accuracy, this instant read food thermometer is a must-have in every kitchen. Also, you get a cooking glove for added safety and professional results.
  • 👉 [VERSATILE AND MULTIUSE] Use our wireless meat thermometer indoors or outdoors, at your kitchen, in BBQs, picnics, and family reunions. With auto-off function when folded, and a useful bottle opener for your cold drinks. With internal magnets for holding and carrying with comfort.
  • 👉 [HIGH-QUALITY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS] The body is made in ABS Eco-friendly Plastic and the probe in food safe 304 stainless steel, very reliable and durable. The included Cooking glove will protect you from high temperature, taking care of your hands and clothing when frying or baking on the oven.
  • 👉 [GREAT COOKING AND GRILLING TOOL] No more guessing temperatures when cooking your favorite meals. This precise tool will help you to achieve the perfect cook point in your meat. Also great for baking, making candy and beverages.
  • 👉 [NICE GIFT FOR A GOOD FRIEND WHO LIKES TO COOK] For that friend, relative or coworker who always like to have a BBQ, a dinner or family reunions. Includes a practical grilling guide with the correct temperature and cooking time for many delicious meals.


Grillnovations Pack Instant Read Food and Meat Digital Thermometer and Grilling Glove

🍖 Great thermometer pen for meat and food, with water-proof probe, holding magnet, and practical bottle opener embedded.

💦 The pack includes a cooking glove, resistant to water and heat, made in quality materials to protect the griller.

💪 The probe is made in food safe 304 stainless steel, offers and almost instant response, so you can get that cook special point in your meals.

👍 Made in high-quality eco-friendly materials. ABS Plastic body and 304 stainless steel food grade safe.

🔪 Use it indoors or outdoors, when baking or making beverages in your kitchen, or in big BBQs and picnics with your friends and relatives.

📦 Nice pack of digital thermometer plus Grilling Glove, to make a present for a friend, dad, uncle, who always likes to be the chef.


✔️ Termometro digital para medir la temperatura de la carne y otros platos, rápido y preciso, te ayuda a conseguir el punto perfecto de cocción en cada comida.

✔️ El paquete hace duo con un práctico guante de cocina, de gran calidad y duradero, para protegerte mientras preparas esos grandiosos platillos.

✔️ Fabricado con materiales amigables con el medio ambiente y de gran durabilidad, para garantizar siempre los mejores resultados. Incluye una guía con las temperaturas y tiempos necesarios para una serie de deliciosos platillos.