Magnet Cutting Board 18x14

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🔪 [QUALITY KITCHEN ASSISTANT] A must-have in any kitchen, prepare those premium steaks, cut the vegetables, make the appetizers with cheese and charcuterie. This versatile cutting board also can be used to serve crackers, olives, and many small items.

🍅 [DEEP JUICE GROOVES] Avoid juices running off the board and onto your table when cutting up fruits, vegetables, and meat. Great for cutting beef, pork, and ribs at parties and barbecues.

🍴 [CONVENIENT AND DURABLE] Our wood cutting boards are made in solid materials, resist heavy knife cuts, soaking, chopping. Will stand daily use at home or commercial, for restaurants, BBQs, parties, picnic. Includes 3 magnetic labeled points to attach knives or metal utensils.

🍖 [HEALHTY AND SAFE] Natural and food safe product, easy to clean and maintain. With the applying of a food-grade mineral oil every few weeks, you'll ensure that the wood stays hydrated and beautiful for any day cooking. A great solution for every chef and griller.

👍 [SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] You can choose our product with the confidence that you'll get support in case of any manufacturing defect. You get a warranty of quality and good service for a long-term use.

Wooden Carved Cutting Board with Magnetic Knife Holders and Juice Grooves by Grillnovations 

📏 Dimensions: 18 in x 13.6 in x 0.9 in Thick. Lightweight and sturdy.

🍅 Includes juice grooves for catching any excess juices or liquids while cutting meat, fruits or vegetables.

👉 Practical and easy to clean with water and soap, healthy and safe for your kitchen.

🔪 Includes magnetic holder points, where you can attach your knives or utensils for organizing and safety.

🍖 Our steak cutting board will endure chopping, cutting and soaking for a long time, a reliable tool for your home or business.

👌 You can keep your board hydrated and well maintained with food-grade mineral oil every few weeks, adding durability.

🍳 Versatile, can be used at home, for BBQs, at Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, at picnics, events, for preparing or serving food.

👍 Rubber bases to get a firm grip in your table or countertop for a precise cut.

🔎 You can choose our product with the confidence that you'll get support in case of any manufacturing defect.


⚫ Excelente tabla de madera para cortar carne, vegetales y productos de charcutería. Con surcos para retener líquidos y jugos, evitando que caigan en su mesa o lugar de preparación.

⚫ Puntos magnéticos localizados para colocar sus cuchillos y otros utensilios en orden y con seguridad.

⚫ Las tablas tienen bases antideslizantes, para efectuar cortes fuertes y precisos sin perder soporte.

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